Killzone Developers Evaluate Players Feedback; Introducing Clan Matches, Classic Weapons Pack And More

Killzone Shadow Fall is a launch exclusive for PlayStation 4 and Guerrilla Games are still working hard on bringing us new features in the multiplayer based on players feedback. The latest update by the developers promises Clan Matches and Classic Weapon Packs among others.

The developers have promised more updates and more new features to the multiplayer. The ones that are already in development are Clan Matches, Fixing Saving at Checkpoints and Classic Weapon Packs. They have also tweaked Team Balancing for multiplayer matches. All these features might be available in future updates to the multiplayer.

Of course, these are not the only things in development, Guerrilla Games is looking at more features, as demanded by fans. These include bringing back the popular Operations Mode and Assassinations Mode. They are also investigating more fixes like reducing the blur in multiplayer matches, personalization for characters, killing downed enemies among others. Hopefully, they can consider doing all of them, especially introducing the Operations and Assassinations mode back.

What do you think of these features and the work done by Guerrilla Games? Are you enjoying the multiplayer of Killzone Shadow Fall? Let us know in the comments below.

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