Killzone Shadow Fall Is The Best Selling Next Generation Launch Exclusive

Killzone Shadow Fall has not only managed to impress others with its dazzling next generation graphics, it has also ended up to be the best selling launch exclusive among the two next generation consoles. It outsold Xbox One launch exclusives Ryse, Forza Motorsport 5 and Dead Rising 3 in both of its major markets, EU and NA.

NPD has revealed the sales for the software and hardware in North America and along with it, we have also gotten a rough estimate of the software sales, thanks to a GAF poster, who is well known for leaking NPD sales number each month.

According to him, Shadow Fall sold approximately 270k units in its launch month, which is a lot more than any of the other Xbox One launch exclusives. While it can be argued that PlayStation 4 was out for more than a week before Xbox One in North America, the results in United Kingdom show similar sales success for Shadow Fall, where it managed to stay in the Top 10 for two consecutive weeks after its launch, ahead of any of the Xbox One exclusive.

The Top 10 charts can be seen below(courtesy of GFK Chart-Track), the PlayStation 4 launch exclusive Killzone managed to chart in the Top 10 for two consecutive weeks.

kz1 kz2

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