Killzone Shadow Fall Lead Designer: No patches necessary for tweaking multiplayer content

Killzone Shadow Fall has gone gold. PlayStation 4 launch is extremely close, so we are getting a lot of neat info about PlayStation 4 and its games. Killzone Shadow Fall lead designer Eric Boltjes sheds more light on the multiplayer portion of the game.

Patches used to be a necessary thing for current generation. They were used to balance weapons and stuff for multiplayer; the feedback that was taken from most players was used to tweak and optimize the multiplayer portion of the game. To actually use these tweaks, we had to download patches/updates, some of them were quite big in size.


It seems like Killzone Shadow Fall is going for a radically different approach here for tweaking and balancing the multiplayer. According to Eric Boltjes, they can actually tweak and balance a weapon’s stats on server side and implement the changes immediately.

“On a level basis: no. But what we can do now for example, is in multiplayer, we can track all the weapons. So if a specific weapon is overpowered, you know it’s killing too many people and people start complaining, we don’t have to release a patch any more. We can, on server side, tweak the damage down on that weapon and instantly everyone will just have a less powerful weapon.”

Although this doesn’t mean that there won’t be any patches for multiplayer content, as Boltjes explained that they will release patches to add new content or to introduce new visual/technical upgrades, like changing the design of a weapon.

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