Killzone: Shadow Fall SP runs at an unlocked frame rate

During E3, it was confirmed that Killzone: Shadow Fall will run at a locked 30 fps frame rate. After the recent press previews, one outlet reported that the game seemed to run at an unlocked frame rate averaging between 35 and 40 fps. It seems to have been confirmed now.

Gamereactor preview specifically mentioned that Killzone: Shadow Fall SP ran at 1080p with “framerates ranging between 35 and 40 frames per second”. This seemed a bit odd and contrary to what was said earlier about the frame rate being locked to 30 fps.

Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer has also been confirmed to be running at an unlocked frame rate that targets 60 fps. Now that the news is out that SP will also pretty much follow the same path, we can’t really say that we are shocked.

The official confirmation was made by Game Director Steven Ter Heide on tweeter.

Personally speaking, we would have preferred a locked 30 fps frame rate to a unlocked frame rate. God of War 3 and Ascension on PS3 also ran at an unlocked frame rate and averaged 35-45 fps for the most part.

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