Killzone Shadow Fall will have a 10 hours SP campaign, no co-op campaign

Killzone Shadowfall has gone gold and the game director Steven Ter Heide has decided to answer some of the questions regarding Killzone Shadowfall.

The SP campaign for Killzone series always used to average around a good ten hours and it seems like Shadow Fall will have the same campaign length. I remember that it took me 10 hours to beat Killzone 2 and about 8 to beat Killzone 3. It seems like Shadow Fall is leaning more towards the decently paced and timed Killzone 2 campaign then the shorter Killzone 3 campaign. According to the game director, Shadow Fall campaign wil last for around 10 hours for “most gamers”.

A user also asked about the co-op campaign to which the director replied that there isn’t one available at launch. However, they might release one separate online co-op expansion later.


Dedicated servers are always a big requested feature and it was asked that whether there will be dedicated servers for Killzone Shadow Fall. Steven Ter Heide replied back that they are running dedicated servers to handle the transfer of data between clients. This seems like a good thing because it will result in a better multiplayer experience, which is an integral part of Killzone Shadow Fall.

Another question was raised regarding the Touchpad use for Killzone Shadow Fall, to which the game director replied:

For singleplayer we are using the touchpad to select the mode the OWL is in. It can be set into four different modes with quick swipes on the touchpad. For multiplayer, we use it to bring up menus.

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