Killzone Shadow Fall’s Patch 1.05 Is Now Live, Brings Changes Based On Community Feedback

Killzone Shadow Fall is a launch title of the PlayStation 4. Developed exclusively by Guerilla Games, first-party studio of Sony, Killzone Shadow Fall marks the very first entry in the series to be on next-generation. Despite getting lower scores, Killzone Shadow Fall is amazing to play and the multiplayer component is fun and has been improved upon.

Committed to make the game better and better and to take the community feedback in consideration, Guerilla Games has launched a new patch for Killzone Shadow Fall, titled ‘1.05’ and not a moment too late with the European launch of the PlayStation 4 upcoming. This patch brings numerous improvements and implementations based on the feedback from the community. The patch is live and should download automatically, if not then Guerilla Games suggests that you reboot your PlayStation 4 and it should download.

Here are the changes made in this new patch:

  • The controller options menu now offers support for left-handed players. Please note that this change only affects the analog sticks, not the shoulder buttons or the triggers.
  • The end section of single-player campaign chapter 7, “Secure the Target”, has been shortened based on player feedback.
  • In single-player campaign chapter 8, “Outcast”, the collision ceiling has been raised to allow players to fly over certain buildings, instead of crashing into them. This should result in less overall player deaths.
  • Various bugs fixes:
    • Several UI issues fixed
    • Error messages in Multiplayer amended to have better indication of the error
    • Edge-case crashes related to friends lists fixed
    • Additional integrity fixes for the patching system

With the Europe launch of the PlayStation 4 just hours away, we intend to see a lot of new players on the battlefield of Killzone Shadow Fall. If you’re picking up Killzone Shadow Fall then in order to play online you need to download the patch. Guerilla Games has also set up a feedback site to hear the voice of the players, so if you have ideas or suggestions or any feedback to give, head over to Killzone Player Voice.

Have you picked up Killzone Shadow Fall yet? How are you finding it so far? Does the patch address some concerns you might have had? Let us know in the comments below.

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