Kingdom Come Deliverance Update Version 1.11 For PS4 [Patch Notes v1.17] PC And Xbox One

There is a new update version 1.11 for Kingdom Come Deliverance on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The patch notes on PC are for version 1.17.

Kingdom Come Deliverance is an indie WRPG that was funded through a Kickstarter. It is from Warhorse Studio. It was developed on Cry Engine and it is notable for one of the few rare games to utilize Cry Engine on current generation consoles.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Update Version 1.11 For PS4 [Patch Notes v1.17] PC And Xbox One

– Optimizations –

  • Texture streaming massively improved. Pop-in of the more detailed textures or body parts should be much less apparent.
  • We have optimized despawning of items. This should positively affect performance for some players.
  • NPCs no longer randomly drop items while going into less detailed LOD state. This should slightly improve performance.

– New features –

  • Tournament! – The tourney takes place every few days in the courtyard of Rattay Upper Castle. Depending on how far you’ve progressed through the story, ask either the Samopesh blacksmith or Sir Hans Capon to make the necessary introductions.
  • Dice minigame improved – We have added a new set of dice with a “Joker” side and three types of straights to score. It is now easier to gain points with wild dice, so we raised the score limit to 4000 points.

– Quest bugs fixed –

  • Lord Divish now returns to Talmberg after the cutscene in Epilogue.
  • Bandit recruiters in “If You Can’t Beat ’em” quest are no longer afraid of corpses and the quest can be progressed even if you bring them physical proof of your success.
  • Quarry robbery in the “Gallows Brothers” quest now has a proper ending if the player refuses to join the robbers.
  • Fixed infinite fader before Uzhitz sermon, which arose during a certain patching order.
  • Fixed issue that caused Lord Capon to visit baths before starting the “Next to Goodliness” quest.
  • Fixed issue that caused Kunesh’s axe to disappear during loading thus preventing completion of Unexpected Visit quest.
  • Fixed issue that prevented the player from getting cat-paw immediately after beating Gambler in “Miracles While You Wait” quest.
  • Fixed issue that caused Fritz and Matthew to attack each other after “A Rock and a Hard Place” quest.
  • We also squashed a bug that caused inability to hand over their share.
    Soldiers continue to load trebuchet even if you talk to Sir Robard and deliver quest “Ruin”.
  • We also fixed a rare situation in which players could not talk to Sir Robard during “An Oath is an Oath” quest.
  • Changed behavior of the captured Cuman, with this patch he talks to the player even if the player has a really low reputation with Cuman faction. To be fair he did have a reason to distrust you!
  • There is no longer an infinite fader after killing an opponent in the fist-fighting quest line.
  • Erik at Vranik fort now has death protection, which prevents consequent cutscenes in the quest from failing.
  • Failure of “The Prey” quest caused by meeting thugs from “Debts Must Be Paid” quest when traveling with Hans Capon fixed.
  • Fixed issue that sometimes caused Captain Bernard to stop training the player after taking the “Marauders” quest.
  • Fixed incomplete dialogue option in “Saintly Remains” quest.
  • Fixed cutscene in Rocketeer quest.
  • Fixed interactor on the deer grave in “Hare Hunt” quest and the poacher camp cutscene trigger.
    Talmberg groom should no longer get stuck in the castle door.
  • Fixed looped dialogue with Rattay scribe in Mysterious Ways quest.
  • Fixed infinite dialogue loop after giving Theresa gifts.
  • Fixed rare issue that prevented player from talking to Morcock after dealing with Timmy in the “My Friend Timmy” quest.
  • Quest “Keeping the Peace” now properly triggers game over if the player leaves Rattay
  • Fixed autosave in “The Sport Of Kings” quest.
  • Bug in “Next to Godliness” quest where Hans Capon didn’t enter the bath fixed.
  • “Hare Hunt” quest icon is now active only if the quest can be taken.
  • Issue with quest markers in “A Bird in the Hand” quest fixed.
  • Quest “Next to Godliness” now cannot be activated after Epilogue.
  • A rare bug with NPCs from different quests occurring during Talmberk siege fixed.
  • Combat Master Vanyek can now correctly duel with the player during “The
  • Die is Cast” quest.
  • Fixed objectives and logs in “A Needle in a Haystack” quest.
  • Eating from a bowl in the monastery should now work without an issue.
  • Fixed interaction between “Wounded Soul” and “A Man of the Cloth” quests.
  • Fixed interaction between “Wounded soul” and “Pestilence” quests.
    Small tweaks in the dialogue with blacksmith Zach in “All That Glisters” quest.
  • Bug which caused Hans Capon to talk only about “Robber Baron” quest even after finishing it fixed.
  • Rare bug that stopped progression after losing a dice game during “Keeping the Peace” fixed.
  • Bug that caused absence of important dialogue with Hans Capon during “Clothes Make the Man” fixed.

– Other bugs fixed –

  • Fixed rare issue that caused money disappearance during loading.
  • Fixed problem with uberlods that caused occasional disappearance of Pribyslavitz
  • Fixed another rare issue that caused combat lock on dead opponents.
  • Several small tweaks in the alchemy minigame UI.
  • Inflating breasts of sitting women have been resolved (Sorry guys!).
  • Fixed rare issue which caused a guard to evict a player from the jail for trespassing.
  • We emptied some overfilled chests in Rattay and prevented them from overfilling again.
  • Knocking out NPCs from stealth no longer makes their clothes bloody.

– From the Ashes DLC –

  • More shopkeepers in restored Pribyslavitz now sell repair kits.
  • Ambient music in Pribyslavitz now changes based on the number of buildings built.
  • Marius will now properly say why he won’t do anything when the player is trying to build something from the Ledger.
  • Small graphical glitches fixed
  • UI buttons no longer flicker in Ledger.
  • It is now possible to smoke and dry food in bulk.
  • A new sound is now played when drying or smoking.
  • Judgments are no longer accessible after failing the quest.
  • Events on Rattay square no longer appear during the Bailiff’s speech.
  • The chance of encountering enemies near Pribyslavitz is now lower after clearing the bandits.
  • Weaponsmith and armoursmith now properly display goods around the shop.
  • Weaponsmith and armoursmith now have more money.
  • Two of the woodcutters no longer stay in the village after the player banished them during one of the judgments
  • The smithy guard now guards the shop even after the shop upgrade.

Kingdom Come Deliverance is available now on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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