Kingdom Hearts 3 Supposedly Had Some Content Cut From The Game

Kingdom Hearts 3 is out now but is there some cut content? Looking at the earlier gameplay footage, yes, there appear to be some minor changes made all the way back from its original reveal to the final game.

Every game usually has some content cut which is why it is always interesting to see how the final build differs from an early version that was only seen in a trailer or gameplay demo. The same applies to Kingdom Hearts 3.

As discovered by the fans, one playable location was the Mysterious Tower where you can meet with Yen Sid. It had some combat sections that were featured in the gameplay trailers but the final game has none of it.

Now, this is just a minor difference, since most of the game seems to have carried over from the original reveal including some of the crazy rides like the pirate ship and train that also play out in boss battles. It is still worth pointing out here. Other changes include an expanded version of the Twilight Town where you could fight regular heartless and not just end it with a boss fight.

Personally speaking, the most disappointing change was the absence of Final Fantasy characters in the game. They used to be such an important part of the story but over the course of all the various spin-offs, their role was gradually reduced and with this new mainline game, they have all but disappeared even though we know they exist in the world.

Let us know what other content was cut from the game and share your thoughts in the comments below.

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