Kingdom Hearts III: Which Is Best First Choice Between Vitality, Wisdom, And Balance

In Kingdom Hearts III, you will begin the game with an introduction to the game mechanics. Before you can do that, you have to pick your first choice offering you three different options.

While at first, they might seem simple. These choices are important and will determine how you gain various stats. You will also learn skills and abilities depending on the choices made here, or at least that was the case with the previous games. It might still apply here so keep that in mind.

Kingdom Hearts III First Choice: Vitality, Wisdom, Or Balance

This is the most important choice that you can make in Kingdom Hearts III. It affects the growth of stats and also gives an initial boost to them depending on the class that you pick here.


Here is a breakdown of what you will get based on your first choice in Kingdom Hearts III.

Vitality: If you pick up Vitality, you will be able to start off with a bigger life gauge. Stats growth also focuses more on the defense and attack while magic gets the least points. Here’s the breakdown for them.

  • Starting Stats: 120 HP and 100 MP
  • Growth Rate: Attack+3 Defense+2 Magic+1

Wisdom: If you pick up Wisdom, you will start off with a bigger life gauge. Stats growth also focuses more on magic and defense while attack gets the least points. Here’s the breakdown for them.

  • Starting Stats: 90 HP and 120 MP
  • Growth Rate: Attack+1 Defense+2 Magic+3

Balance: If you pick up Wisdom, you will start with a balanced life and magic gauge. Stats growth is equally divided between the three different categories.

  • Starting Stats: 105 HP and 110 MP
  • Growth Rate: Attack+2 Defense+2 Magic+2

Kingdom Hearts III Second Choice: Warrior, Mystic Or Guardian

These choices relate to the abilities that you can get in the game. Here’s a breakdown on what will happen if you pick any one of them.

Warrior: The number of ground combos that you can perform will be extended by one.

Mystic: Your MP usage will be reduced so you can cast more spells.

Guardian: Depending on your life gauge, the damage that you receive will be reduced.

That should cover the first and second choice that you will encounter in Kingdom Hearts III. Square Enix has also released a new update for the game today that adds an epilogue cutscene for those who have finished the game, so be on the lookout for spoilers if you haven’t done it yourself.

Kingdom Hearts III is available now for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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