Kingdom Hearts 3 Gets Stunning New Trailer Ahead Of E3 2017

Square Enix has released a brand new gameplay trailer for their upcoming action RPG, Kingdom Hearts 3. This trailer dropped out of nowhere at the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra and was showed t the fans there before going live on Social Media.

Kingdom Hearts 3 was originally announced back at E3 2013 along with Final Fantasy XV. The game faced some troubled development at the start with the Luminous Engine making the developer switch their focus to Unreal Engine 4. It has been in development for a while now and while there is a lack of information about the game after last E3, Square Enix has finally released a brand new gameplay trailer today that showcases some new gameplay and story from the game.

The trailer ends with the announcement that the game won’t be seen at E3, instead Square Enix will release a new trailer revealing a brand new world at the upcoming D23 Expo in July. More information about the game will be revealed there.

The gameplay trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 mostly focused on the Olympus Coliseum and also teased some of the story events. The visuals appear to have been significantly improved compared to the last showing of the game although the developers still state the game is in development so there is a good chance it might take a while to get released.

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