Kingdom Hearts 3: Pirates of the Caribbean And Tangled Movie vs. Game Comparison Is Amazing

We have already seen Kingdom Hearts 3 visuals compared to Tangled, but now there is a new comparison showing both Pirates of the Caribbean and even more of Tangled thanks to the new trailer.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is developed on Unreal Engine 4 but with several of Square Enix’s own in-house modifications. They have designed the visuals in a creative way so their art style will closely match whatever Disney world you are currently visiting in the game. In the case of Pirates of the Caribbean, it might be more realistic and the new trailer gave us a glimpse at some gameplay that allows for an easy comparison to the film.

The first comparison is for Pirates of the Caribbean world in Kingdom Hearts 3 which shows how closely the cutscenes try to match the film quality. (source).

As for the second comparison, it is again between Tangled. Here we have a good comparison of the floating candle music scene from the Tangled movie which will have a world in Kingdom Hearts 3. Check out the slider and video comparison for it below (source).

In other news, ESRB has rated the game and the rating describes what to expect in term of violence and other mature themes. Square Enix has also shared a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 at Xbox X018 fan event.

Kingdom Hearts 3 will be available on January 29, 2019, for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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