Kingdom Hearts 3 Preload Is Live Now On PS4 As The Long Wait Is Finally Over

Kingdom Hearts 3 release date is drawing closer and the pre-load is live now ahead of its launch on January 29th. It is currently available to download on the PS4.

Kingdom Hearts fans will finally get to play the third game in the Kingdom Hearts saga that has been long teased in its multiple spin-offs. As we have covered earlier, the download size for the game was revealed through the official Xbox One store and today the PS4 version file size has also been confirmed thanks to the game offering preload on the PlayStation Store.

Kingdom Hearts 3 preload is roughly 37.4 GB on the PS4 while it was already available to preload on the Xbox One. The download size on Xbox One is a little small compared to the PS4 with 35.8 GB compared to the 37 for PS4. This likely doesn’t count for the post-launch updates that will add epilogue and secret movie to the game.

Kingdom Hearts 3 will be out on January 29th. It will be released for the PS4 and Xbox One. The game is developed and published by Square Enix.

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