Kingdom Hearts 3 To Release Between October To December 2018

Square Enix has confirmed the release window for Kingdom Hearts 3. It is now set to launch in Q4 2018, which usually starts from October through December. This was revealed in the earning briefing session by the Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda.

Kingdom Hearts 3 was initially revealed at E3 2013. The game was announced along with Final Fantasy XV which launched in November 2016. Kingdom Hearts 3 will get a confirmed release date at E3 2018 but if you were hoping for a more vague hint of its 2018 release, it has now been confirmed to launch in Q4 2018.

In the same report, Masuda talked about their upcoming projects and confirmed that they don’t have anything significant releasing between now until the launch of Shadow of the Tomb Raider. This will be last game in the new Lara Croft reboot trilogy and it is out on September 14th for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Kingdom Hearts games have traditionally launched during the Holiday period so this release window is not a surprise. As for the release date, it should be announced at the upcoming E3 2018 conference by Square Enix.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is confirmed for the PS4 and Xbox One. It will also offer Xbox One X and PS4 Pro specific enhancements. The game is currently being developed by Square Enix and will utilize Unreal Engine 4.

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