Kingdom Hearts 3 retail copies leaked more than a month in advance, beware of spoilers [Rumor]

Although Kingdom Hearts 3 is set to release at the end of January, it appears some people have already gotten their hands on the retail copy of the game.

Update #1: Title screen and game install screens are also out in the wild. The leaked copies seem to be the Xbox One version. (1)

Update #2: Replaced images with video. (2)

Update #3: Actual proof of the game being played. Welp, guess this confirms it. (3)

Note: There’s six screenshots at the end of this article that show off new footage as proof. There aren’t any spoilers in the videos below but you may want to avoid scrolling to the end if you want to go in fully clean, although I doubt how possible that is if you’ve seen any of the trailers. Still, consider yourself warned. 

There’s a sub 20 second video going around social media sites and YouTube with the caption:

I saw this post of a guy selling kh3 on facebook…. I thought he was scamming….but…he wasn’t

The footage showcases what I assume is early at the start of the game and features never before shown scenes so this could very well be legit.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Epilogue And Secret Movie Is Not Accessible Without Update To Avoid Leaks

Kingdom Hearts 3 releases for the PS4 and Xbox One in the West on January 29, 2019, around a month and a half from now. We’ve seen games get leaked this early but mostly they’re smaller games. A game as huge as Kingdom Hearts 3 being leaked so early is a first. We just hope the people who have the game don’t leak the story we’ve been waiting so long for.

Time to take a break from the Internet fellow Kingdom Hearts fans, this place is not safe for us anymore.

Check out the video below:

Proof of the game being playable:

The title screen and an image of someone installing the game on their Xbox One has also been posted:

Thoughts on the leak? Let us know in the comments below.

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