Kingdom Hearts III All Flantastic Seven Locations And How To Find Them

One of the requirements of Kingdom Hearts III Flanmeister trophy is to find and locate all seven flans. This guide should help you find most of them.

Flantasic seven itself will offer you not just one but two different trophies in addition to their own. They are quite important if you want to achieve the platinum trophy for Kingdom Hearts III.

How To Unlock Flanmeister, Cornucopia, and Master Chef  Trophies or Achievements?

First of all, there are a total of seven flans that you can find in the game. They will give you challenges that you have to complete and reaching a certain score will lead to them rewarding you with a fruit, which acts as an ingredient for some recipes. Getting the ingredients and cooking the recipes will get you the Cornucopia trophy or achievement.

Cooking all recipes will give you Master Chef while finding all flans flan will unlock the Flanmeister trophy or achievement in Kingdom Hearts III.

Where To Find All The Seven Flans In Kingdom Hearts III?

1. Cherry Flan

Location: Olympus – Thebes / Overlook

Directions: When you reach the fast travel point in Overlook, head upstairs until you hit a dead end.

2. Strawberry Flan

Location: Toy Story – Galaxy Toys / Rest Area

Directions: It can found next to the Rest Area fast travel point.

3. Blood Orange Flan

Location: Kingdom of Corona – The Forest / Hills

Directions: Found in the very first area of the Kingdom of Corona which you access after unlocking it.

4. Banana Flan

Location: Monstropolis – The Factory/ Basement

Directions: Head through a small white door when you reach the Basement fast travel point. You will access a new room. Head into this room and take a turn to the right to reach a place with many color doors hanging on a wall. You need to find and go into the yellow/brown door with a functional red light. Once you are inside, turn immediately to find the Banana Flan.

5. Grape Flan

Location: Arendelle – The North Mountain / Mountain Ridge

Directions: Jump down from the Mountain Ridge fast travel point to find the flan near the Ice Castle.

6. Watermelon Flan

Location: The Caribbean – Port Royal, Fort

Directions: This is pretty easy to spot. It can be found in the center of the fort.

7. Honeydew Flan

Location: San Fransokyo – The City / South District (Night)

Directions: You can only find this during night time once you spawn at the South District fast travel point. Turn around and run up the building. Jump down and keep gliding straight to the nearest rooftops. You will spot the flan on one of them.

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