Kingdom Hearts III Critical Mode Will Offer New Abilities, More Tweaks For Better Combat

Kingdom Hearts III is getting a critical mode with a free update and the game director Tai Yasue has talked about it in a new interview.

Kingdom Hearts III will get free post-launch content through updates and one of them is a much needed critical mode. There was a lack of difficulty options in Kingdom Hearts 3 and the new combat options made the difficulty easier, which is why there is a new critical mode releasing with an update that will make some important tweaks.

Kingdom Hearts III co-director Tai Yasue has talked about what they are planning to include in this critical mode in an interview with GameReactor.

Regarding the game balance and whether it will lead to grinding for levels.

“It is balanced in a way that you can clear it without really leveling up, but you really have to think it through, think about the timing like when you are guarding or using your counter to make the battles more easy.”

Regarding how they plan to approach this new style of gameplay by adding new abilities and techniques.

“So like I mentioned earlier, we adjusted a lot of the gameplay and we set out to create a new experience. Like creating new abilities for example. They are sort of oriented towards the technical side so people good at action games and know the exact timing on when to guard or do a counter, abilities are targeted toward that sort of gameplay. We wanted players to be able to clear the game in a fair battle, so we didn’t want people to feeling like it was unfair and getting cheated so we actually adjusted a lot of the AI in enemies as well, and it was a big effort we were all working on weekends doing this Critical. We wanted to get it right.”

Kingdom Hearts III is out now for the PS4 and Xbox One. This Critical mode update hasn’t been given a release window so we will have to wait for the official word on it.

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