New details for Kingdom Hearts III

The director of the Kingdom Hearts series and Final Fantasy XV, Tetsuya Nomura, spoke with Famitsu and revealed some details about Kingdom Hearts III.

Kingdom Hearts III was revealed at E3 and is currently in development.

According to Nomura, Sora travels to different Disney worlds as in previous games. In this new installment, Sora is trying to find the “key that returns hearts”. Once again, we will be seeing Donald and Goofy and the other two party members. Furthermore, in every world, NPCs will be able to join your party temporarily. Also, Nomura did not say no to the possibility of playing as Riku or Kairi.

Regarding the game’s visuals, Nomura said “We continued to explore on how should a next generation KINGDOM HEARTS should look like and we tried to make the textures to closely resemble those of Disney illustrations. From there, it was updated. From numerous attempts by Mr. Nozue, the ‘KINGDOM SHADER’ developed visuals that created those textures.”

The game will continue from Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance and will feature the last and final battle with Master Xehanort “in the last chapter of the Seeker of Darkness saga.”

Nomura also said that Sora learned the true power of the Keyblade in the Mark of Mystery exam. Online compatibility for the game is being considered. More will be revealed at TGS this October and the D23 Expo, in Japan.

He also mentioned that there is some friendly competition between the development teams of Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III.

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