Kingdom Hearts III Memory Archive, retelling the story of all previous games, now available in English

Kingdom Hearts III Memory Archive, the promised series recap, is available now in English just a few days before the game’s much awaited releases.

The Kingdom Hearts III Memory Archive has all of its five episodes available for viewing on YouTube. Although not extremely detailed like many other fan recaps, like Everglow’s excellent effort for example, the official series recap helps go over the important details for newcomers and old fans alike in just under 20 minutes. Check out all of the episodes below:

Kingdom Hearts III Memory Archive Episodes

Kingdom Hearts III releases on January 29 for the PS4 and Xbox One.

We have a lot of great KH3 coverage on the site. We just came across an Easter Egg referencing an old cancelled Final Fantasy title. We also have patch notes for the first update and information on how to unlock the secret ending.

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