Kingdom Hearts III Sora Play Arts Kai figure is now available for pre-order

We known for a while now that Square Enix’s Play Arts Kai division were working on a Sora figure based on his appearance in Kingdom Hearts III. The figure is now mostly through its development with Square Enix putting it up for pre-order.

The Kingdom Hearts III Square Play Arts Kai figure comes with a brand new Keyblade that we’ve been seeing in the past trailers of the game. The Keyblade can apparently transform into a double crossbow allowing ranged attacks. The figure will also come with a display stand.

From the latest chapter in the globally beloved KINGDOM HEARTS series by Disney and Square Enix, KINGDOM HEARTS III, the protagonist Sora now makes an appearance to the Play Arts Kai action figure line!

Accompanying the improvements in the graphic technology of the game, our designers have paid close attention to expressing the minute details in the sculptwork of Sora in his slightly more mature and grown-up figure.

The costume design is based on the look of Sora’s KINGDOM HEARTS II outfit, with the predominantly red and black color scheme of KINGDOM HEARTS 3D: DREAM DROP DISTANCE.

He is highly poseable due to the utilization of flexible materials. The Keyblade that can change form into a double crossbow – which could be called the trademark of this title — is also included as an accessory part. With all these features and more, this figure is certainly an eagerly awaited collector’s item for fans.

Although the price is a bit steep at $149.99, the Play Arts Kai tend to be some of the best quality figures you can buy on the market. The figure releases on January 30 next year but you can Pre-order it here.

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Being a huge Kingdom Hearts fan I’m certainly getting the figure, what about you? Let us know your thoughts on the new Kingdom Hearts III Sora Play Arts Kai figure below.

Kingdom Hearts III is currently in development for PS4 and Xbox One. The game currently does not have a release date.

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