Kingdom Hearts III: What is Verum Rex?

When you enter Toy Box in Kingdom Hearts III, the world from the Toy Story movies, you come across a trailer for a game called Verum Rex.

The game Verum Rex is a very interesting Easter egg, well if you call even call it that. Kingdom Hearts III’s Secret Movie was just released and that certainly confused every single fan.

What is Verum Rex

Verum Rex is a game inside the world of Toy Box that looks awfully close to the pre-reboot Final Fantasy XV A.K.A Final Fantasy Versus XIII. The game features a character called Yozora, that Rex and the other toys confuse for Sora. We covered it in detail here.

Spoiler Alert

Interestingly Kingdom Hearts III’s Secret Movie was just released and if you watch it carefully you can catch Verum Rex’s Yozora in it. It’s in the Spoiler Tag below.


Series creator Tetsuya Nomura certainly did pull one on us with this Secret Movie, lets see what the future has in hold for us. The Secret Movie does tease the next game in the series so the Secret Ending certainly is something that I’d love to discuss. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Kingdom Hearts III is out now for Xbox One and PS4.

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