Kingdom Hearts III: Who is Yozora?

If you just starting playing Kingdom Hearts III you may have come across a reference to a character called Yozora and wondering exactly who is Yozora? We’ll tell you all the details available Kingdom Hearts III’s Yozora.

You first hear of Yozora when you enter Toy Box, the world from the Toy Story movies. Before you enter the world, a trailer of a game starts playing that seems awfully similar to Final Versus XIII. Final Fantasy Versus XIII was a PS3 exclusive set to be Directed by Kingdom Hearts creator Tetsuya Nomura, before it was re-named to Final Fantasy XV and handed over to Final Fantasy Type-O and Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core Director Hajime Tabata.

Who is Yozora?

The trailer is for a game called Verum Rex, that we discovered days before the game release. Yozora is the main protagonist of the game and looks awfully similar to Noctis, the protagonist from Versus and XV. Later on Rex and the other toys keep on calling Sora Yozora, until he lets them know that Yozora is not his name.

Another interesting fact, Yozora when translated from Japanese to English means “Night Sky”. Noctis when translated from Latin to English means the exact same thing.

They also tried to make a parallel to Kingdom Hearts in the game, with Yozora being joined by two party members with one focusing on magic and the other on defense just like Donald and Goofy.

Spoiler Alert

Yozora also appears in the recently released Secret Movie of Kingdom Hearts III, check it out below:


Kingdom Hearts III is available now on Xbox One and PS4.

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