Kingdom: New Lands Is Free For All Owners Of The Original Game

Kingdom is a medieval 2D side-scrolling simulation game by developer Raw Fury Games, and was released back on 21st October, 2015 for the PC, Mac and Linux. Kingdom: New Lands in an expansion of the original game, and adds new characters, unique mounts, seasons and a re-worked endgame. The developers of the game have also announced that anyone who already owns Kingdom, will automatically be entitled to Kingdom: New Lands absolutely free.

In Kingdom, players take on the role of a randomly generated king or queen as they attempt to build their kingdom from the ground up. Your character can move left and right on the screen, and the only method of interaction available to them is through spending coins, whether that be for recruiting townspeople, reinforcing walls or even upgrading the castle itself.

When night falls, your kingdom comes under assault from monsters. If you have proper defenses and infantry in place, then you are successfully able to repel an attack and you receive coins in return. But if you fail, the monsters can easily overrun your defenses and can make off with your weapons and coins, which could also prompt the game to end.


While the game’s basics are extremely simple to understand, a few nights in, and the game can prove to be a gruelingly difficult challenge.

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Kingdom: New Lands was released on 9th August for the PC, Mac and Linux, and is also the game’s first appearance on the Xbox One. It is available on all platforms for $14.99.

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