Kirby Star Allies Demo Now Available On North American Nintendo eShop

Nintendo has released the Kirby Star Allies demo on the North American Nintendo eShop after releasing it a few days agon on the European Nintendo eShop. The demo features a glimpse of what to expect from upcoming Kirby game that is launching soon exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

If you own a Nintendo Switch and are stuck with just a single region account that is North American, then you can download the demo now before the game officially launches on March 20th. If you already have downloaded the demo from the European Nintendo eShop, then it is essentially the same thing.

Kirby Star Allies is the next major Kirby game and the first one to launch on the Nintendo Switch. Unlike its predecessors, the game only offers 30 FPS on the Nintendo Switch although this is supplemented by the boost to visuals. The game also offers a multiplayer mode that features an arena based fighter featuring Kirby and friends.

Kirby Star Allies will be launching on March 20th for the Nintendo Switch. If you are still waiting for the game, and hoping to get an early look at it, the demo is free to try and unlike the dreaded usage limits of the Nintendo 3DS, Switch has no such restriction so feel free to play it as many times as you like.

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