Kitase loves PlayStation VITA, wants to port Final Fantasy XII to VITA

Yoshinori Kitase is a long time producer of Final Fantasy. He has also directed many of the classic Final Fantasy titles. He is as senior to Final Fantasy series as Sakaguchi – if not more. He talks about PlayStation VITA and Final Fantasy X HD port in a new interview.

Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD is going to be released this December in Japan. It is releasing for both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation VITA simultaneously. You can check the pricing scheme and other info about it from here.

Talking with PlayMagazine(Covered by NowGamer), Yoshinori Kitase talks about PlayStation VITA and Final Fantasy series. He was asked whether there is some sort of connectivity or features between the PlayStation VITA version of Final Fantasy and the PlayStation 3 version, to which he replied “it will be possible to use the PSN’s cloud saving functionality to carry over save data between the PS3 and PS Vita versions”.

He was then asked if Final Fantasy X port succeeds, will they repeat this with other games? To which Kitase replied that he would love to do VITA version of Final Fantasy XII HD remaster in the future. When asked while PlayStation 3 seems to be the most logical choice, why would they port it to VITA? Kitase’s reply was as follow:

“The gaming scene has changed quite a bit from 10 years ago and today’s younger generation who grew up with smart devices now carry these devices around with them to play games whenever and wherever they want, not just when they go outside but also at home, wherever they may be in the house as well. Even when they are in the toilet!

One of the appealing things about the PS Vita is that it allows for this kind of play style. In addition to that, another advantage is that it has a wonderful LCD display that can hold up to the PS3 in terms of graphical quality.”

I am glad to hear this from him that he still has faith in the VITA. Of course, while the VITA might not be having a big success, it is a fantastic hardware on its own. To see developers still supporting and loving it is definitely a thing that i would like to see more in the future.

What do you think of his comments about VITA? Do you agree with it? Let us know in the comments below.

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