Knack 2 Accidentally Available For Free In Few Regional PlayStation Store

Knack 2 was just released today but a new glitch has apparently made it free of cost in a few regional stores. The glitch currently affects the Australian, New Zealand and Russian version of the PlayStation Store, making the game appear free of cost and also comes with some of the pre-order bonus for it.

This glitch is supposed to be live by accident so expect it to get fixed soon, but it is definitely something to know how a game was made free at launch. Although Sony has the option to take away the license of a game that was purchase through a mistake.

You can follow the links for each of the regional store to get the game for free although you will need to act quickly, since the mistake will be likely patched soon.

Australian PlayStation Store

New Zealand PlayStation Store

Russian PlayStation Store

Knack 2 is the sequel to the critically panned launch title for the PS4. The main person behind Knack was Mark Cenry, who is also the lead architect for the PS4 and PS4 Pro. Knack 2 is an improved sequel that manages to overcome many of the flaws of the original resulting in a much better experience overall. The game is currently being sold at a budget price of $40 by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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