Konami Pre-E3 roundup

Earlier today we mentioned a little of Konami’s pre-E3 show. Well this went ahead without a hitch and Konami revealed details about a few things, this includes the new PES, the new Castlevania and most importantly, the new voice of Solid Snake.

Solid Snake MGS5

Let’s not worry about that yet. The first thing I want to mention is that there is a whole new engine for PES that will influence your teams motivation and abilities even from something as simple as playing at home or away from home. This alone makes it sound very interesting because (don’t hold me to this) I don’t even think the master of football games, Football Manager, changes your players abilities based on home or away matches. For a few years now PES has fallen behind FIFA in the rankings of football games.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 is also talked about. This is the sequel to Lords of Shadow and quite a few changes have been made. The world has been opened up and brought to a modern city, giving you a more open world to explore and freedom with the camera to view everything you want to. This more open approach certainly sounds interesting to me, as well as the juxtaposition of Dracula in a modern city, something not done enough. The new trailer for Lords of Shadow 2 has also stoked a little interest for me, worth watching.

Finally we come to the major aspect, Metal Gear Solid 5. MGS5 is meant to be a much more subdued and darker approach, focusing more on emotions. Hideo Kojima mentioned that both race and revenge will features as key subjects of the game. In a statement a little offensive to David Hayter, Kojima says that they wanted somebody who is able to give a subdued performance who can express themselves through facial movements and a tone of voice. Their selection is Kiefer Sutherland.

Kiefer Snake

I like Kiefer, love him in a number of his films and shows so I can’t say it’s a bad choice. He really has that gruff quality voice as well so he will still be fitting of the role. I’m fairly certain I’ll be able to get over the lack of Hayter in the role, though I still think it’s a little unfair on him. Where I’m starting to worry about MGS is that even though I really like the franchise, Kojima seemed a lot more interested in talking about visuals and how that will ingrain you to the story. My opinion is that a good story can draw you in without it needing photo-realistic visuals.

Personally I think Konami have offered a mixed bag. MGS has always been story focused to a large extent but Kojima ironically seems to be losing focus on what makes a good story: A good story with interesting characters in interesting situations, not visuals. PES getting a new engine was desperately needed so this is good news and the emotion meter of sorts already makes it sound interesting. Castlevania just sounds all around interesting and I’ll be keeping my eye on it.

If you haven’t yet caught the show, you can watch it here at Gamespot.

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