Konami relaunches Suikoden portal website, first update in 4 years

Konami has relaunched an updated version off the Japanese Suikoden series portal website, this marks the first update to the site in over 4 years.

The relaunched website features a much modern design, listing all of the games neatly in squared boxes, with each click leading to the specific games’ dedicated page. Check out how the Suikoden web portal looks now compared to how it looked before:

As mentioned before this is the first update to the portal in over 4 years. The last update to the Genso Suikoden (Japanese name of the series) website was on the “Best Collection” release of the first two games, when the games were made available as a PS Plus free trail in Japan back in July 2014.

The Suikoden series has been dormant for a while now with the last mainline series title, Suikoden V, releasing back in 2006 for the PS2. There have been a few spinoffs but nothing notable has come from the once much acclaimed series.

We’re still hoping that the updated website is a sign that Konami is interested in reviving the series, after all this redesign is an anomaly. Even the series’ Social Media including Twitter has been quiet, with the last tweet coming in 2013.

Suikoden HD Collection or Suikoden VI please?

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