Konami Invades This Holiday Season

Hello TCG hardcores and fans alike! For those of you into Yu-Gi-Oh! the trading card game, Konami has quite a few very awesome buys for the holiday season. They have a slew of products that will be available no matter what your holiday budget is. Looking for that perfect gift for under the tree or in that special someone’s stocking? Look no further than your local card shop or participating retail store.

Starting us off this holiday season is the Legendary Collection 4 : Joey’s World.  Upon opening the hard cover Joey themed box of JW you will receive five mega packs. Each mega pack will contain one secret rare, one ultra rare, one super rare, one rare, and five common cards. This is a fantastic way to kick start your collection with a large number of the impressive nearly 300 count card set. Included with the set are 6 holographic sheep tokens. This is the first set that includes the holographic lamb tokens. They are a beautiful aspect to add to any collection. There are a few other awesome holographic cards included! Feeling some how unsatisfied? A beautiful double sided battle board is included. One side features the a brilliantly colored Joey Wheeler and the other side features the super cool Phoenix Formation artwork. With this set you can expect to receive cards based around Battle City, Duelist Kingdom, and the Waking The Dragons story lines. What do we rate this Legendary Collection? A solid 9/10 for value. You can pick up your Legend Collection 4 : Joey’s World for $29.99 right now!



Konami is also offering two amazing collectors tins featuring five holographic foil cards and 5 booster packs each. Both the Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms and the Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders tins are sure to add some awesome to your holiday season. Both tins feature beautiful artwork. You can pick up both tins on November 22nd with a retail price of $19.99. We give this a 8.5/10 on the value meter.

Konami is offering the perfect solution for those of us who have the always present need for nostalgia. They are relaunching the decks that started it all for us. The new Starter Deck Yugi and Starter Deck Kaiba will feature 50 cards themed around both Yugi and Kaiba’s favorite cards. The decks have been reworked and set up to provide a good even match up for beginners and pros alike. These decks are going to be the perfect holiday gift for the up and coming duelist or the seasoned veteran. Both the Starter Deck Yugi – Reloaded and Starter Deck Kiaba – Reloaded will be available December 6th with a price of $9.99. We give this a perfect 10/10 rating on the value meter. We love our nostalgia.



Probably one of the coolest releases this year for the collectors and duelist alike, the Shadow Specters Special Edition is a must have! It features 3 packs of Shadow Specters as well as two variant cards and a holographic card that is guaranteed to satisfy the most demanding duelist. You can pick up the Shadow Specters Special Edition on December 13th for $9.99. We give this a solid 10/10 on the value meter. We wrote our explanation at the bottom!

This holiday season brings a large amount of new Yu-Gi-Oh! cards to the table. Konami is prepared to keep your new treasures well protected. They are offering the new ZEXAL Red Double Deck Case to keep your investments safe. The deck case features a ton of storage with two removable trays, two index boards for separating your cards, and a magnetic closure for convenience. You can pick your ZEXAL Red Double Deck Case up at local retail stores for $7.99. We give this a solid 7/10 value.


Fans of Yu-Gi-Oh! can catch Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL the animated series and classic Yu-Gi-Oh! episodes on Vortexx on the CW in the USA . ZEXAL also airs twice every Saturday on Nicktoons. Canadian viewers can catch Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL on every Friday and Saturday via YTV!

 For those of you who are strictly into Yu-Gi-Oh! for collection purposes, the newest set Shadow Specters is currently going for quite a pretty penny on sites such as Ebay and Amazon. A slew of competition players are hawk eyeing cards from the set such as the Ghostrick cards as well as the War God cards. Some of the cards in the set are currently exceeding the $20 or more price range. This will be possibly one of the most lucrative sets to release this year in terms of both collecting and competition based game play. You can grab standard Shadow Specters packs and booster boxes on November 8th.

For more deets on Konami or the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, check out www.yugioh-card.com!

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