Langrisser I & II Review (Switch)

Originally released in early 1990s for the Sega Mega Drive, famed fantasy tactical RPGs Langrisser I & II get the modern remastered treatments on the PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch this year.

The Langrisser series has a very interesting history, full of failed localizations, spiritual successors and more. Until recently the original was the only game in the series to be localized for west under the title of Warson for the Sega Genesis. The original developers also went off to create a spiritual successor called Growlanser, when they were acquired by Altus in late 1990. The original developers of Langrisser, Career Soft. also created the excellent Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor games, so you can tell that the series has a very strong heritage in RPG circles with its influence being apparent in many tactical RPGs released in the 21st century.

Langrisser I & II is developed by Chara-Ani, a subsidiary of the Kadokawa group, and published by NISA in the West. The package include the first two games, which are self-contained stories with their own separate protagonist and characters.

You can start playing either of the games and have a decent understanding of the world. The game systems are very similar so basically its the story that’s the main differentiater here.

Langrisser 1 stars Ledin, a prince who must find and reclaim the sword Lanrgrisser to avenge his Kingdom. The game was also updated with optional paths not present in the original release. Langrisser 2 stars Elwin and is more open with the ability to chose the faction you associate yourself most with.

The battle system in Langrisser I & II is pretty straightforward and is similar to other tactical simulation RPGs like Advance Wars. You’ll get Commanders with their forces, and with battles they’ll earn CP. Get enough CP and you’ll be able to upgrade your commanders and hire more fighters. You’ll also be to upgrade classes and get better fighters that way too.

The game features many QOL improvements over the originals. You can also change between the graphical style of the original game on the fly. So if you’re a fan of the original graphical style then you have an option to choose that too.

Langrisser I & II are fairly solid RPGs and you can tell that the game inspired a lot of what the industry considers genre standards. Other than the weak and predictable story and dialogue, the game is great for players who are fans of tactical simulation RPGs like Advanced Wars, Fire Emblem and the recent Wargroove.

Langrisser I & II Review (Switch)


Langrisser I & II are fairly solid RPGs and you can tell that the game inspired a lot of what the industry considers genre standards.


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