The Last Guardian Is Not Cancelled, Confirms Sony

A couple hours ago, we heard that The Last Guardian might have been cancelled, as confirmed by an internal source speaking to IGN Russia. This rumor was shot down quickly by Scott Rhode, Software Product Head for Sony Worldwide Studios America.

Scott Rhode took it to himself to confirm that the rumor of The Last Guardian being cancelled is not true. This tweet was then later re-tweeted by the official PlayStation twitter account. IGN updated their story later, citing this tweet, they also linked to their original source from IGN Russia, which originally shared this story.

The Last Guardian is a game that has been stuck in a limbo for quite a while now.  The game was originally announced for the PlayStation 3, but was missing in action for the entirety of PlayStation 3’s life cycle. Although it was confirmed multiple times that the game is still in development. Sony Santa Monica’s Studio Head Allen Becker was made the Studio Head at SCE Japan, and his last update regarding The Last Guardian was that “It is moving along in the right direction.”


People were hoping for a E3 2014 reveal for The Last Guardian, making it another PlayStation 4 exclusive. Originally, the development team had a lot of difficulty trying to fulfill the ambitious visions of Fumito Ueda, and to get it running on the PlayStation 3 hardware. However, the move to PlayStation 4 might make it easier, so maybe this project can come to fruition after all.

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