The Last Guardian: Details To Be Revealed In The Future, Game Still In Production, Says SCEA CEO

SCEA New CEO Shawn Layden was interviewed by Geoff Keighley recently at E3. In this interview, Layden shared new update on the status of The Last Guardian, which was recently rumored to be cancelled according to IGN’s source from Sony Russia.

Shawn Layden clearly denied any of these rumors and confirmed that the game is still in production. However, if you were eager to see the game making it debut again at the upcoming Sony Press Conference, you should know that it won’t. As hinted by Shawn Layden in his reply to Geoff Keighley.

The Last Guardian is still in production, it’s still in development, the teams are still working at it, and I look forward to, on an occasion in the future, Geoff, when I can talk more about what that progress looks like, and what that route to market is going to look like, but the game is still being worked on, so the rumours you heard are completely false.

His reply clearly talks about showing the game in the future. It was rumored by VG247 that the game won’t be revealed at E3, and if the comment of Shawn Layden is any indication, we won’t be seeing it any time soon. Maybe at the upcoming Gamescom or TGS?


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