The Last Guardian E3 2015 Demo Was Completed On PS3 In 2010, New Engine Created For PS4 And More

Fumito Ueda is the creator of The Last Guardian and he recently was interviewed by the Japanese press for The Last Guardian and its reveal at E3 2015. Ueda-san gave some rather interesting answers regarding the development of the game and its future.

In his interviews to Famitsu, Dengeki Online and 4Gamer, Ueda-san revealed some interesting facts behind the development of the game. Apparently the demo that was seen at E3 2015 was already completed on the PS3 by July 2010, but once they shifted their focus to PS4, they ported the demo to the new hardware and showed it at E3 2015. They also had to create a new engine for the game on the PS4.


Ueda-san was also asked to give a percentage figure for how much the game has been completed. He didn’t really give any number but stated that they still have to figure out some of the technical stuff with the game.

If you were wondering about the slow-motion seen during the jump in The Last Guardian E3 2015 demo, they are still deciding whether to keep it or not. Ueda also revealed that his creative work is almost done on the game.

The Last Guardian is currently set for a release in 2016 on the PS4.

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