The Last Guardian Has Finally ‘Gone Gold’ According To Producer

It appears that the highly anticipated PlayStation 4 title, The Last Guardian, is finally going to be coming out this year according to a producer of the game.

Earlier today, Sony Interactive Entertainment Producer, Jun Yoshino, tweeted out the great news. Yoshino tweeted ,”Gone Gold. Waddup.” which got fans very excited for the game. After being in development for nine years, it seems that The Last Guardian is finally ready for its expected release on December 6th.

The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian was going to be released on October 25th, but was delayed for a month. Unfortunately, moments after writing the tweet, Yoshino deleted it in less than an hour. Maybe Yoshino announced something that was not supposed to be announced. We still do not know the reason behind the tweet being deleted.

Sony are putting a lot into this game. Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios President, Shuhei Yoshida, has a lot of confidence in the game, and hopes that the game will live up to everyone’s expectations when it comes out in December.

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The Last Guardian is being developed by Fumito Ueda’s team. They are the developers of the popular games, ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. Hopefully The Last Guardian will be just as good when it comes out on December 6th for the PS4.

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