The Last Guardian Listed On PlayStation Store For PlayStation 3

It seems like The Last Guardian got a listing on Sony’s PlayStation Store for PlayStation 3. Could this mean that the game is coming to PlayStation 3 after all?

A NeoGAF user managed to find this page, which shows The Last Guardian listed for PlayStation 3. You need to be logged in your PSN account to check the listing. You can also check it out in screenshot below.

The Last Guardian has been long in development for PlayStation 3. Recently, it was rumored that the game might be shifted to PlayStation 4. If this listing is to be believed, the game might be coming to PlayStation 3 after all.

Sony has been well known for supporting this consoles even after their life cycle. They released big budgeted games like Beyond Two Souls, The Last Of Us and Gran Turismo 6 at the end of PlayStation 3 life cycle. The Last Guardian is the only game so far, that was promised for PlayStation 3 but never got any release on it.

What do you think of this listing? Do you think that this listing means that the game might be coming to PlayStation 3? Let us know in the comments below.

Via (NeoGAF)

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