Last no DRM for PS4 push to start today

I’m sure we’re all aware of the #PS4noDRM and #PS4UsedGames campaign by now. Of course we are, it spread around the world like wildfire and even little girls had posters with those hastags attached to their lemonade stands.

Phase two of the no DRM campaign will take place this week starting today at 1pm GMT. As before the higher ups in Sony will be targeted. Of course the strange thing now is that Shuhei Yoshida has already stated that used games will not be blocked on the PS4. Maybe it’s a lack of trust in the statement, maybe the people are just warning Sony that they haven’t forgotten about it quite yet and they aren’t to be ignored.

PS4NoDRMFullThe campaigns progress can be tracked through its site and of course, if you feel strongly enough, participate in the campaign and add another person to the list that Sony ignore at their own peril. I’ve seen a lot of campaigns over time, including some downright horrible ones that show how entitled people can be (Left 4 Dead 2 one) but for once I wholeheartedly agree with the goals here. The limits against used games are breaching our rights and I’m sure they are breaching EU laws now. Not only that, the rumored price placed on activating a used copy is £35, quite an extravagant fee to say the least.

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