The Last of Us Artist Calls His Concept Art “Deeply Personal Image;” Reveals The Full Concept Art

Earlier this week, we got an image tease from a Naughty Dog artist, who teased about the concept art that he was supposedly working on for The Last of Us. This concept art was based on a much older looking Ellie and shows her holding a Guitar. He has shared the full concept image along with a message which again puts emphasis on the fact that this image has nothing to do with The Last of Us sequel.

Marek Okon is an artist who has worked on some promotional art for The Last of Us on the PS3. While he has clearly denied working on any sequel to The Last of Us, and calls this concept art his homage to The Last of Us, Naughty Dog’s Bruce Straley behavior seemed to indicate the opposite.

Over at Twitter, Bruce Straley talked about some prototype that a designer was sketching earlier this week. While it could be an entirely different thing, this concept art popped up a few days later.

You can check out the full image below, along with the personal comments of Marek Okbon.


“We all heard the stories over the years. Tales of a girl being out there, immune to all this madness. And we knew that those stories were nothing but wishfull thinking, fairytales passed along by the campfire.
Believing those stories was a good measure of my desperation. I needed to find that girl.
You, who followed me on this hopeless journey choose to do so. Some of you paid the ultimate price for that. For my belief… But here we are, we found the girl. We found the hope.

Be careful and don’t let her bite you.”

There’s got to be some sort of medical condition for when you paint fanarts of the projects you actually worked on. Well I guess its not as much a fanart as a homage to one of the best games I’ve ever played. I tried to imagine what future holds for Ellie and Joel and came up with this image – Ellie few years older, practicing her tunes, being chased by a woman who will hesitate at nothing to find the cure and save her loved ones.
Again, its only my own imagination at works here so please don’t board the “TLOU2 confirmed” hype train ;] Its a (deeply) personal image.


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