The Last of Us Real-Time vs Pre-Rendered Models Tease The Graphical Jump For Uncharted On The PS4 [Update]


A few weeks ago, we heard about how Uncharted on PS4 will offer the visual fidelity of the cutscenes of The Last of Us on PS3. This sounds pretty good, right? But how big of a jump are we talking about here? We can see this by taking a look through the gameplay and the pre-rendered cutscenes of The Last of Us on the PS3.

When it comes to Naughty Dog games, they use a different approach to in-game cinematics. They are often very high quality in terms of their visuals, the effects are all turned up a notch, anti-aliasing is applied and the models are also of higher quality compared to their gameplay counterparts. For an example, the polygon count of Nathan Drake in Uncharted 2 was approximately 37k, and almost double of that in pre-rendered cutscenes. Since Naughty Dog games have a lot of focus on the story and character development, not to mention they also use these cutscenes as a way to pass off loading,(Update: Kurt Margenau, Lead Game Designer at Naughty Dog, has clarified that pre-rendered cutscenes are not used to pass off loading in the game. Since it is possible to skip them entirely without experiencing any sort of loading.) it does make sense for them to use pre-rendered cutscenes. On PS3, this was mainly due to the limitation of the hardware, especially its RAM. If they hadn’t done it, we would have gotten long load times between levels.

So what will happen with their first game on the PS4? We have heard teases about how it might end up, offering visual fidelity closer to the cutscenes of The Last of Us, which were superb on their own. As a result, we decided to see how the in-game models compare to the cutscene ones in The Last of Us.

As you can see from the comparison , the jump in graphical quality is obvious. Higher quality models, better effects, depth-of-field, better AA and shadow quality are just one of the many improvements. Although, this doesn’t look as impressive of a leap, keep in mind that on PS4, Naughty Dog will also update their engine meaning Lightning, textures and overall graphics will also receive a huge boost as well. The large RAM of PS4 will allow them to finally kill the pre-rendered cutscenes, resulting in real-time gameplay and cutscenes, just like in The Order: 1886 and inFamous: Second Son.

Imagine the cutscene models in real-time, with all the bells and whistles, it will look truly great. Here is a GIF which shows the in-game model in real time, which still looks impressive, although not quite as good as the cutscene one.

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