The Last of Us Multiplayer Has Antonio Banderas’ Famous Gesture, Not Yet Released

Remember the famous Antonio Banderas gesture gif from the movie ‘Assassins’? It seems like Naughty Dog are deciding to add this gesture to The Last of Us multiplayer, although it hasn’t been released yet.

While this gesture hasn’t been officially confirmed for a release yet, it was available to the users in between the latest set of updates for The Last of Us, which added the new DLC + Stability Fixes. Some of the users managed to capture it before it was taken down. You can check it out in the GIF below.

When Naughty Dog won their ‘Developer of the Year’ award at Spike’s VGX last year, they showed a video of Joel from The Last of Us doing the exact same animation of Antonio Banderas from ‘Assassins’. SCE Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has tried to do the same gesture during the PS4 launch event held by Spike.

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