The Last of Us Remastered: Naughty Dog Hard At Work To Get The Last of Us Above 60FPS On PS4

A couple of months ago, we heard rumors of a remastered version of the super popular zombies apocalyptic survival games, The Last of Us, for the PlayStation 4. The rumors turned out to be true and now Naughty Dog is hard at work, trying to give the fans what they have been asking for and they do not want to disappoint them.

We are little over a month away from the release of The Last of Us Remastered and the team over at Naughty Dog is working hard to give the fans the best possible experience. Currently the team is working on improving the performance of the game and getting rid of bugs that are slowing down the game and causing frame rate issues.


Graphics Coder of Naughty Dog, Corrinne Yu, said on twitter that the graphics team is hard at work trying to push the Last of Us FPS past 60fps.

Naughty Dog’s Lead Programmer, Christian Gyrling, also talked about the Last of Us’ performance and said that he found the problem that caused the game to slow down and he has fixed the bugs that were causing the game to slow down.

Looks like the team over at Naughty Dog is hard at work, trying to give the fans just what they want and what they have been waiting for. Hopefully their hard work pays off and The Last of Us Remastered runs flawlessly on the PlayStation 4 when it comes out next month on the 29th of July.

Abdullah Raza


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