Latest Fortnite Update disables video capture on Nintendo Switch due to low performance and crashing

Fortnite update v5.40.2 was recently released and added a ton of new features and fixed numerous bugs and glitches. The update did however remove video capture from the Nintendo Switch version of the game without a mention in the patch notes.

The game has had video capture since it was released and the removal was discovered almost immediately.

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Epic Games were quick to address the issue and let Switch owners know that the removal was not a mistake. Epic claims that they removed video capture to improve performance and stability.

They also later updated the patch notes to show the removal. The developers also might include a switch in a future update to turn back video capture for those who don’t mind a performance hit.

You may have noticed we’ve disabled the Video Capture feature on Nintendo Switch as of the v5.40.2 client update. This was done for performance and stability reasons as we’ve been seeing a high rate of Out of Memory related crashes. Disabling this feature saves a significant amount of RAM while also having a positive effect on overall performance across the board. We’ve since added a line about this in the Patch Notes and we’re considering the possibility of making this feature optional in the future for players who don’t mind taking a hit on their performance.

Adding an option is the best solution.

This news is weird however since the Tegra X, the chip running the Switch, has an in-built video encoder. So theoretically video capture should not have a hit on performance. The Shield TV and K1 tablet, both running Tegra X, can record without a hinch.

What did you think of Epic’s statement? Are you okay with the performance benefits in return for not having the ability to record video? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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