Latest Overwatch Update Nerfs Mercy, Confirmed As A Bug By Blizzard

Overwatch received a brand new update recently that has added the competitive multiplayer mode to PC. This mode will be released at a later date for console users. While the new update has some confirmed nerfs, including one for Torbjörn, it also appears to have a major bug that has a huge impact on the usage of the character Mercy.

This issue has been reported on the official Overwatch forums and reddit. This issue results in added restriction for Mercy when switching stream to another character. As explained on reddit “Prior to this patch, when healing/damage boosting an ally, you didn’t need line of sight or to be facing your current stream target to switch to the other stream. Now, if you want to change streams on your current target, you need to reacquire the target completely.”


Blizzard appears to have taken notice of this change and has confirmed that it was completely unintentional. They are currently working on a fix for it as soon as possible and hopefully can release it before the competitive mode arrives for console users .

Overwatch is a hugely successful new IP for Blizzard with more than 10 million registered users. The game was released at the end of May for the PS4, Xbox One and PC making it a huge success for Blizzard Entertainment.

Let us know if you have noticed this bug for Mercy in the comments below.

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