Latest update for SCUM released, Patch notes for Update

SCUM Update has been released for all early access owners of the game. The patch notes state several improvements to the game notably making the anti-cheat better and fixing the much reported server crashes.

Check out the full Patch Notes for SCUM Update below:

  • Anti-cheat system improved.
  • Add an Improvised stab-proof vest
  • Edited collision for SM_Compensator (sentry could see the player, reported bug)
  • Expanded Primitive collision on Military Hangar doors meshes (Sentry should not be able to shoot you through the collision gap on oval hangar doors anymore)
  • Added search sounds to wooden boxes
  • Temporarily disabled bruising while we investigate the source of client performance drop
  • Added autodestruct check limit to items
  • Changed default item auto destruct time to 10min
  • Added search sounds for various items
  • Increased Rifle bash regain control (bash was faster than melee)
  • Added SM_Di…not yet…
  • Increased digestion rate by 30% – Daily intake should now be refreshed every 24h (scaled game time)
  • Wooden stick won’t bounce infinite times anymore (Possible fix for FPS drops)
  • Disabled glow on shelter and storage box
  • Fixed a server crash when inviting a player to a team after they force logged out
  • Server browser refresh is stoppable now

Currently priced at $20 for Early Access, SCUM is one of the hottest games on Steam right now. The game marketed as a Hardcore Survival title is an extreme take on the genre made popular by games like DayZ.

In related news, it was just announced that the game sold 700,000 copies in its first week.

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