Teaser Look at League of Legends Mecha Kingdom Skins

If you are a fan of League of Legends, then you have no doubt heard about the new Mecha Kingdom skins that were launched on the 15th of January. But with many people just 24 hours into playing these brand-new missions, there is still plenty to unlock that gamers may not have realised. To help you know what you are looking for and give you a head start against your friends, we have compiled a list of what the teaser has shown you as well as what you can expect to gain as you play through these brand new missions.

What Can We Expect?

Following the teaser on December 11th 2019, riot gamers have provided the League Of Legends fans a first look at the new Mecha Kingdom skins for some of their favourite characters on December 12th.  Following this preview on Twitter and a number of other platforms fans have begun to speculate what else 2020 will bring for their beloved game. This new set of skins was realised on the 15th of January along with season 10 and there are the perfect amount of skins, missions and other rewards for fans to gain as they continue to play through these brand-new missions.

What Is In The Mecha Kingdom Event Pass?

Though this game pass is one of the more expensive in the history of League of Legends, this is by far one of the most jam-packed events passes that the title has seen. This comes with a vast amount of options such as the following:

  • Plenty Of Additions
  • Exclusive Event Icons
  • Four Mecha Kingdom Orbs
  • 200 Mecha Kingdom Tokens
  • Milestone Missions

In addition to all this, you can also gain access to prestige points, gemstones, rare eggs, emotes and a number of other in-game options. This is great for those loyal players that are looking to take part, but what about new players that are yet to fully delve into the world of league of Legends?

These 5 new skins can set you apart when playing the game allowing you to enjoy a brand-new season alongside experienced members as well as gaining access to a brand-new juggernaut sett with unique skins. This alongside a number of loot box items to win, this particular game mechanic mimics that of free slots, with the opportunity for players to win new and exciting items to use within their next quest.

Which Characters Are Getting A Brand New Skin?

Though there was much speculation about who the characters receiving the new skin would be, all speculation was put to rest in December with the teaser trailer. We not only saw Jax get a new skin but other characters such as Draven, Garen, Leona and Sett who is s a new character within the game.

Unlike the other characters that are featured in the game, Sett is the only one to fight with his fists. This is something new to the game that provides gamers with an up close and personal form of combat that some may prefer. However, there is very little said about the enemy Jax and how he plays into the game.

Further Speculation About The Future OF League Of Legends

Despite very little being said about Jax, there are many loyal fans that have begun to speculate about the development of a player vs environment mode within the game. This is a game mode that a number of players have been asking for and this new game mode could be a further hint to a new game mode on the horizon for this new year.

The first indication of a game mode such as this was within the Star Guardian Odyssey event. This also featured a vast amount of new loot as well as skins to bring a whole new gameplay to the title. This comes as a popular opinion for many playing this title as a number of gamers have claimed they would rather enjoy a PvE game mode compared to a new team tactics function, could this be something that loyal fans may see in 2020?

With this in mind, there are a number of elements to look forward to when playing through this brand-new update, but will you come out on top when reaching the top of the leader board, only time will tell. Happy Gaming!

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