Leaked screenshots of Tencent’s Call of Duty for smartphones looks as good as the old console games

Leaked screenshots of Tencent’s Call of Duty game for smartphones show that the game is a looker.

The game was announced in a press release by Activision back in early August that one of Tencent’s premier studio, Timi, was developing the game. The game is being made exclusively for China and is supposed to release “in the coming months”.

Apparently a Beta of the game has started off which means new leaked information. Today screenshots of the game popped up on Chinese Social Media.

Tencent’s Call of Duty is an amalgamation of different Call of Duty titles which you can see from the screenshots of the Beta below which feature Hijacked and Standoff from Black Ops 3 and Nuketown from the original Black Ops. Other maps like Highrise from Modern Warfare 2 and Shipment from the original Modern Warfare are also said to be in the game.

The game certainly looks good, take that Nuketown screenshot for example, you could fool people into thinking that’s the console version if you remove the controls from the screen.  Here’s to hoping that it’ll come to other regions as well.

In one of the screenshots you can also see there’s a supply crate type system in place, makes sense since the game will be free.

Tencent’s Call of Duty is being developed primarily for Android devices.

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