At Least Apple is Beating The Android Operating System In Something

Apple leads In US market

Android may be the worldwide leader in smartphones with an 81% global market share, but even then, there are some places where the dominating mobile operating system has yet to surpass its adversary, the iOS. That category happens to be US market share, which currently, has Apple leading formidably.

A report from The NPD Group has detailed that Apple’s market share has grown exponentially. In 2012, Apple had a market share of 35% in the US and had jumped 7% to end up at 42% in 2013. When pitted against its rival Samsung, the Android smartphone vendor grew from a meager 22% to 26%. 4% is still a massive gain for a company, but seeing as how the smartphone market has gotten extremely saturated and competitive, Samsung’s problems have not even started to exhume.

At Least Apple’s is Beating Android In Something

With other vendors such as a Xiaomi and Huawei bringing out smartphones that are able to perform at par (or at a performance level slightly lower) with Samsung’s flagship offerings at considerable savings, thousands of users who have a penchant towards acquiring a smartphone but can’t due to financial constraints will obviously look towards such companies to purchase a cost effective, yet fast performing smartphone.

In addition, The NPD Group also reports that the global smartphone owner’s percentage had increased from 52% to 60%. Even with such a large increase, only three smartphone vendors; LG, Apple and Samsung were able to report an increase in their market share in 2013. The other vendors namely Motorola, HTC and BlackBerry were not so fortunate in the profitability departments. Apple’s latest deal signing with China Mobile will most definitely go in Apple’s favor when profits are concerned because China Mobile currently happens to be the world’s largest carrier service in terms of subscribers.

Apple Android

The deal will potentially give rise to 756 million new subscribers and for Apple, that will be music to its ears.

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