Left 4 Dead creators announce Evolve for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Turtle Rock Studios have officially revealed the first-person sci-fi shooter, “Evolve”. The rights to publish this game were sold off to 2K Games when THQ went into bankruptcy last year.

Hunt….. Or be hunted!!

According to GameInformer, the upcoming release by Turtle Rock Studios is essentially a 4-on-1 co-op game with a team of four players hunting a player controlled monster. There is a variety of hunters to chose from, each with its own unique abilities and items to help you survive. The monster may be outnumbered four-to-one but to even the playing-field,  it will evolve in both size and skill, to ensure that you will be able to unleash the most devastating attacks on your pursuers. To win a round, you will either have to kill your foe first or complete some objectives. 

Left 4 Dead redefined co-op gaming and if Turtle Rock can provide the same level of the addictive multiplayer action, albeit of an entirely different kind, this game would without doubt rule the number one spot.

Evolve is scheduled to be launched on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in late 2014. We will provide more details as as it becomes available.

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