Left 4 Dead Developers Release Unfinished Level For Free

It’s been three years since the last Left 4 Dead game came out. Left 4 Dead 2 came out back in July of 2013. The game was originally developed by Turtle Rock Studios until Valve took over and continued the game’s development.

On the Turtle Rock Studio forums, company co-founder, Chris Ashton, revealed that the studio has released new content for Left 4 Dead. The new DLC is called Dam it and it is available for download now.


The content is free for those who have purchased the game. Ashton also stated that this part of the campaign was never finished and it includes a “couple” survival maps. The DLC combines the game’s Dead Air and Blood Harvest campaigns. This is unfinished content, so you can expect to have a few issues when you play it.

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The download page states some of the issues that players might come across while playing the game. A complete list of issues is given below:

  • Fire, smoke and explosions do not trigger panic events in the hangars.
  • Zombies do not crawl all the time in the orchard.
  • Farm house mob does not spawn in the far side of the woods.
  • Covered bridge does not collapse with explosions.
  • Burned forest area is missing wandering fires.

The Dam It DLC is available now. Click here to download the content.

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