Legend of Zelda fans have another chance at symphony tour

Big news for Legend of Zelda fans who missed last year’s Symphony of the Goddesses tour: you’ve got another chance to make good on it! (Via Joystiq). In a surprise announcement, Nintendo has announced what essentially shapes up into an encore tour of the 25th anniversary orchestral event from not too long ago. As per the official announcement as follows:

“By popular demand, ‘The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses’ concert series is returning with “Season 2″ to eight cities from last year’s tour and is coming soon to even more locations in North America. Based on one of the most popular and beloved video game series of all time, the tour features live orchestral performances of theme music from Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda franchise.”

The locations referred to in the prior statement include Atlanta, Ga., San Fransisco, Cal., Seattle, Wash. and Austin, Tex, along with first-time stops in Baltimore, Md. and Grand Rapids, Mich. As for the specifics of the material for season 2 of the tour, fans can expect more of the same from last year plus new material spanning even more of the Zelda canon that highlights Majora’s Mask, Spirit Tracks and Link’s Awakening.


The performances will be moderated by Jeron Moore, with Eímear Noone and Chad Seiter respectively serving as conductor and music director.

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