Let it Die Update Version 1.44 released on PS4 and PC [Patch Notes]

Let it Die Update Version 1.44 has been released for PS4.

Let it Die is a F2P hack and slash game developed by Grasshopper Manufacture, the same folk behind games like Lollipop Chainsaw and Killer is Dead.

The game’s latest update titled Let it Die Update Version 1.44 was just released for PS4, bringing new content and fixing bugs and glitches.

The game releases in a few days for PC on 26 September, 2018.

Let it Die Update Version 1.44 PS4 and PC Patch Notes

1) Obtain Special TDM Season 5 Rank Rewards!
Period: 9/24/2018 (post maintenance) – 1/6/2019 (maintenance start)

TDM Battle Rush Season 5 will end on 1/6 once maintenance begins. There, your final TDM rank will be calculated and you may receive a reward based on your rank. Details on the maintenance times will be posted at a later date.
Stay tuned for more info in the coming weeks and months!

2) New Exclusive Equipment Added to Lost Bags!
Period: 9/24/2018 (post maintenance) – TBD

After the 9/24 maintenance, players have a chance to find new equipment blueprints in Lost Bags (items received at random after successful Raids/Defenses in TDM). Each of these can be raised to the 4th tier. Try to obtain them all and test their destructive power for yourself!

NEW WEAPON: Cyclone Shuriken

NEW ARMOR: Evil Wizard Series

3) Lost Bags: Available blueprints updated
Following equipment blueprints will not be found in Lost Bags starting Season 5.

  • Loaded Glove
  • Cycle Madness Head
  • Cycle Madness Body
  • Cycle Madness Pants

4) TDM Battle Rush Season 5 Quests Starts

Event Period: 9/24/2018 (post maintenance) – 1/6/2019 (maintenance start)

Season 5 will feature seasonal quests that rotate on a weekly basis and also ones that require several weeks to complete. Stay tuned for more details in upcoming updates!Quests can be accessed from the HATED ARCADE by talking to Naomi Detox, or by accessing SUPER SCOPE 703 in the Waiting Room.

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