Level-5 teasing something behind closed doors

Today, Level-5 has just published a new site teasing a seemingly unannounced title. However, don’t get too excited. This tease can only be found through their North American site. So, don’t expect a big budget, triple A title like Ni no Kuni. 

The site, once you reach it, holds a door on a blank canvas, inviting you to click it. Once you’ve done that, another door appears from behind it. Clicking it several more times and a magnifying glass presents itself, encouraging you to use it to inspect the door. Finally, the door opens to reveal a small piece of a logo. Based on the trials I had to surpass to get to this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was Professor Layton related.




Not much is known about this title for now but we will update when info becomes available.

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